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Powered by Class Calendar

DMLDoc adopted by the Class Calendar online booking system

The Open Math Company DMLDoc Java web framework is now in use by the Class Calendar online booking system.

The Class Calendar company is an application service provider, delivering an online booking system for commercial schools around the globe, with 24 by 7 availability.

See Class Calendar for more information.

Infrastructure for eCommerce 

OpMath designs, develops and co-ordinates open source Java software, providing a new streamlined infrastructure in support of distributed commercial and industrial operations.

OpMath Foundation Projects

The first OpMath software offering: the OpMath Utilities Foundation and associated components provide a highly modular, efficient and simple framework for Java Servlet operations. The OpMath Utilities Foundation provides decisive advantages over Java Server Pages (JSP), Velocity and Struts approaches in runtime efficiency, application maintainability, and sharpness of learning curve.

All parts of the Utilities Foundation are open source, and are provided according to the the GNU Lesser General Public License.


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