Our Story

begins and ends with a
math student.
I have been teaching students for over 10 years (in both private and public settings in Palo Alto and Los Angeles) and for the past 4 years, I've been working full-time on my EdTech startup: OpMath.

From the past 10 years, I have gained unique insight into the world of supplemental education. I realized early on that existing methods didn’t acknowledge the importance of mastery-level understanding of key foundational concepts. I knew in my heart that there had to be a better way to help students.

My goal has always been to develop a modern solution to help students build strong foundations, and eliminate any gaps in learning. I have continuously designed, iterated, and tested the OpMath platform and I am excited to help more students gain confidence in their math ability.

– Mehr Sikri, Founder & CEO

Don’t believe us? We have the facts to back it up.

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