More than just math.

Why Us?

The OpMa[th] Experience for K-5

Blended Learning

The robust combination of in-center instruction and at-home practice helps your student attain accuracy and increased speed.

Regular Assessment

After each in-center session, student performance is assessed to discern knowledge gaps and develop next steps.

Designed Adaptivity

Our proprietary software allows for data-informed modifications to each student’s unique learning path.

Mastery Learning

Students work on what they need, when they need it, and for however long they need to, ensuring mastery of important foundational concepts.

Balance of
Challenge and Review

Packets are crafted at the optimal difficulty level for each student so that they feel challenged but never overwhelmed. Review is also blended into new packets as students continue to build upon previous knowledge.

Pen Computing

Students use a stylus and tablet to handwrite their answers. No multiple choice. No mouse and keyboard. This increases memory and understanding, encouraging more active engagement with the material.

Anyone can conquer the foundations of math.

Mastery in foundational math is no longer optional. Much of the fear and anxiety surrounding math in older students can be avoided by responding to their math learning needs while they build their toolkit as a young student.


First, each concept is taught carefully and patiently.


Then, students take the time to independently practice the material they have just learned using our custom app.


Finally, with continued practice, they reach a level of full accuracy and complete confidence.


For Students

Interact with tutors weekly and set short-term and long-term goals.

Start Learning


For Parents

Monitor child progress and access exercises so you’re always in the loop.

Support Today


For Tutors

Work with students and engage with families while strengthening your teaching abilities.

Start Teaching

for students.

Each student's profile is saved after each session, and is always ready to go for their next one. This tracking ability allows for parents to see upward trajectory in real-time.